High hedges

How can I engage my neighbour in reducing the height of their hedge?

The Office of the Deputy Prime Minster has produced the leaflet Over The Garden Hedge, which sets out some clear guidelines about engaging with your neighbour when in dispute:

  • be clear in your own mind as to what the problem is and how it affects you
  • be certain about what you want and what would overcome the concerns you have
  • approach your neighbour directly and face to face and give them a chance to think about your concerns
  • you could invite them to your home to help them understand the impact
  • if you feel that you cannot speak to your neighbour then consider a letter which focuses on the facts and does not dwell on previous failures to maintain the hedge
  • if your neighbour refuses to discuss the matter then consider an independent mediator. Mediators will not tell you what to do but help you and your neighbour to find an answer. Both you and your neighbour must co-operate in this process for it to be a success
  • accept that finding a right answer may be difficult and be ready to consider all ideas and suggestions – think about the options before you pick one that suits you both; and
  • once you have found your answer then make sure you are both clear about what you are meant to do and when – perhaps writing this down would help

Contacting a mediator

You may wish to use the services of an independent mediator. Further information can be obtained from the Citizens Advice Bureau