TerraCycle recycling partnership

We have extended our partnership with TerraCycle for another 6 months, so residents can recycle ‘hard-to-recycle’ product packaging as well as raise funds for Heartlink, the Mayor of Ealing’s chosen charity of the year.

Every bag of ‘hard-to-recycle’ rubbish you drop off will earn the council TerraCycle points that can be redeemed as monetary donations to Heartlink. It is a local charity based in Ealing Hospital, that provides advice and support to people living with heart conditions, especially those undergoing or recovering from hospital treatment.

Residents can now recycle dental care products, Pringles® tubes, flexible coffee packaging, biscuit, cracker and snack wrappers at Greenford reuse and recycling centre.

The waste will be taken away for recycling by shredding, cleaning and turned into plastic pellets to create new plastic products.

How does it work?

  1. Collect product packaging at home
  2. Request free recycling labels using the form below
  3. Stick your label to any plastic bag of your choice (preferably a clear one, but any will do)
  4. Simply turn up at Northolt Library or book a time slot for your visit to Greenford reuse and recycling centre
  5. Drop off the full plastic bag at Greenford reuse and recycling centre.

Order your labels