Proposed controlled parking scheme in the Brentside area

This consultation was open between 9 January and 20 February 2023.


Sometime ago, the council carried out parking surveys across the borough with the purpose of identifying areas with high volumes of parking. The information collected from these surveys was used to establish a programme for controlled parking.

Our survey of the Brentside area indicated that some roads were heavily parked. Subsequent introduction of parking controls west of Mandeville Road may have also led to some additional parking being displaced into the area.

We were also aware of some long-standing parking and access concerns across the wider area, and a controlled parking proposal is often a good opportunity to assess and address these issues.

In view of this, we sought views of the residents on whether they would like controlled parking introduced in their streets.

What happens next

  • Your responses have now been analysed and will be discussed with your ward councillors. This page will be updated with any further developments.
  • In line with the council’s CPZ policy, if the majority of respondents support the proposals, a CPZ will be introduced. The exact extent of the zone and the operational times will be determined by the responses to this consultation.
  • Prior to implementation, the council is required to carry out a 21 day statutory consultation. This involves notices being placed on lamp columns in the proposed area and the publication of the notice within the Around Ealing magazine. This process provides the public with a further opportunity to comment on the proposals. All comments and objections will be considered and responded to before any decision is made to proceed to implementation. Following this process, if a CPZ is approved for implementation, it will usually become operational within approximately six months.

Further information

For any questions on this consultation, please contact highway services:
Telephone: 020 8825 9949