Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA) Scoping Report for new Local Plan

The consultation has now closed.


What is an Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA) Scoping Report?

The preparation of the new Ealing Local Plan will include an assessment of how policies could impact or influence the environment, health and equalities in the borough. As the assessment covers these three different areas, it is called an Integrated Impact Assessment, or IIA. The purpose of the IIA is to highlight and where possible address any undesirable effects that may arise on the environment or on health or equalities as well as identify opportunities for improvements.

The first step in the assessment process is scoping. Scoping involves analysing information on the existing environment and on health and equalities within Ealing. This is used to inform what the assessment needs to cover.

A Scoping Report sets out this information and is consulted on to ensure that the assessment is comprehensive and where necessary, can be modified to reflect local concerns or input.

Your views

We would welcome your comments or any feedback you may have on the Scoping Report. Some questions for consideration are also set out in Section 6 of the report. 

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The consultation closed on 25 February 2022. 

Further information

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