Citizen review panel recommendations

In July and August 2020, the council invited an independent, citizen-led review panel to conduct a collective review of the draft climate and ecological emergency strategy and provide recommendations for the council to use to refine its strategy before adoption. Panellists were invited to take part based on experience, interest and expertise in fields related to the four primary themes of the strategy: energy, nature, travel and waste. 

An independent facilitator led four online workshops with the group to collect feedback on the draft strategy. They gave recommendations on the content, ambition and clarity of the draft strategy. Their feedback has been used to make further changes to the strategy. 

The panel consisted of the following individuals (panellist, organisation/business representing and area of knowledge):

  • Pip Batley, people-centric communications (Extinction Rebellion Ealing)
  • Laure Cucuron, recycling (TerraCycle)
  • Jane Fernley, parks (Ealing parks foundation)
  • Keith Freegard, recycling/waste policy (LAGER CAN)
  • Mary Horesh, reuse/recycling (Ealing repair café)
  • Nasrin Khanom, sustainability policy (University of West London)
  • Paula Kirby, wildlife (Ealing Wildlife Group)
  • Tianqi Li, cleantech, sustainability consultant
  • Whitley St. Luce-Frederick/Iain Elliot, volunteering (Ealing and Hounslow Community Voluntary Services)
  • Elizabeth Mistry, travel
  • Peter Mynors, travel (Ealing Cycling Campaign)
  • Trevor Sharman, community led climate action (Ealing Transition)
  • Dr. Esther Kwong, public health (invited)

Read the citizen review panel workshop summary