A40 cycle route in Acton - Consultation on the proposed closure of four roads to motor vehicles

This consultation was open between 24 July and 2 September 2019.

The consultation

Transport for London planned to constructing the Acton section of the A40 cycleway (CS10) during Autumn 2019. This was expected to lead to an increase in the number of cyclists crossing Park View, Court Way, Allan Way and Kathleen Avenue at their junctions with the A40.

Cycle routes alongside roads are safer if there are fewer side roads or crossovers, as these are the locations where cyclists and motorists may come into conflict. Drivers turning into and out of the side road are concentrating on motor traffic and may not see cyclists approaching on the cycleway. Removing all traffic and providing a continuous cycleway removes this conflict and makes cycling more attractive, as well as safer, because there is less starting and stopping, so journey times for cyclists are improved. It also gives the cycle route the same priority as cyclists would have if riding on the carriageway.

A public consultation in March 2019 showed that options to close some of the four roads and not others would be unpopular, and ineffective at removing through traffic in the area.

Ealing Council therefore proposed to close all four roads to motor traffic in both directions at their junctions with the A40. This proposal would bring them into line with similar roads between Savoy Circus and Gipsy Corner, which were closed several years ago.

What you said

This consultation was open between 24 July and 2 September 2019 during which details of the proposals were sent directly to local residents. A total of 181 responses were received of which 86 (48%) agreed with the proposed closures while 72 opposed it (40%).

The full results are now available alongside the original consultation documents.

What happens next?

After the feedback noted from the consultaion the scheme has been modified slightly, to keep two roads open for the exit onto the A40 only, and will be implemented in early 2020.

Further information

If you need any further information about this consultation please contact:

Name: Colin McKenzie
Email: mckenc@ealing.gov.uk