Local history postcards

Paying for a postcard

The current prices for the various types of postcards are listed in the table below.

Postcard type

Black and wWhite 20p
Colour 30p
Multi-view of Ealing, colour 50p
Village map of London, colour 70p
Sets (pack of 5 cards)   £1

Local history series (black and white)

  • LH01:  Stanhope Park, Greenford, demolished, c.1933.
  • LH02:  Greenford from Horsenden Hill, showing the Old ‘Ballot Box’, c.1930.
  • LH03:  Junction of Ruislip Road and Windmill Lane, Greenford, c.1926.
  • LH04:  The old ‘Red Lion’ and Village Mission, Greenford, c.1917.
  • LH05:  Brent Cottages, Greenford, c.1912.
  • LH06:  Greenford Village Green, c.1930.
  • LH07:  Hoover Factory, Perivale, c.1939.
  • LH08:  Church Farm and Perivale Church, c.1902.
  • LH09:  Perivale Church, c.1903.
  • LH10:  Sandringham Parade, Ealing Broadway, c.1913.
  • LH11:  The Mall, Ealing, c.1905.
  • LH12:  Uxbridge Road, Ealing, showing the Railway Hotel and Christ Church, c.1905.
  • LH13:  Ealing Broadway GWR and Diesel Stations, 1920s.
  • LH14:  The High Street and the Green, Ealing, c.1910.
  • LH15:  St. Mary’s Road, Ealing, c.1900.
  • LH16:  Uxbridge Road, West Ealing, showing junction with Drayton Bridge Road, c.1914.
  • LH17:  The Mall, Ealing, c.1935.
  • LH18:  Cleveland Road, Ealing. Motor bus at start of journey to Hook, Surrey.
  • LH19:  Ealing Broadway, looking west, c.1935.
  • LH20:  Winscombe Crescent, Brentham Estate, Ealing.
  • LH21:  Playing tennis, beyond Woodfield Crescent looking east.
  • LH22:  Denham Road looking towards Brentham Institute. Outing of Brentham Horticultural Society, c.1930.
  • LH23:  The Broadway, Hanwell, c.1930.
  • LH24:  High Street, Acton, view east, Barclays Bank on left, c.1912.
  • LH25:  Church Road, Acton, looking south. Baptist Church on right.
  • LH26:  Northolt village: old pump and church, c.1928.
  • LH27:  Northolt: The ‘Plough’ branch library with the new ‘Plough’ on left, c.1950.
  • LH28:  The village green, Northolt showing the ‘Crown Inn’.
  • LH29:  Grand Union Canal, Northolt, c.1920.
  • LH30:  Southall railway station, c.1905.
  • LH31:  Opening ceremony of LUET to Acton, outside Southall Town Hall. c.1901, 
  • LH32:  Trolleybuses at the Broadway, view west, c.1960.
  • LH33:  Acton High Street, view east from the junction with the Steyne, c.1952.