Tree pruning

The council prunes trees for health and safety reasons. Trees are also pruned in response to proven instances of tree-related subsidence and to resolve nuisances covered under UK law, for example a tree blocking a highway.

The council does not prune or remove trees for the following reasons:

  • Interference with satellite, TV or media reception
  • Touching telephone wires
  • Falling leaves, fruit, pollen, honey dew or bird fouling
  • Where a tree is considered to be too large
  • Obstruction of view
  • Overhanging branches
  • Lack of/too much light
  • Because someone is willing to pay
  • The perceived risk that a tree may damage a building

Pruning requests made to the council involving any of the above issues will be logged. If pruning is due as part of the routine maintenance programme of the tree in question, consideration may also be given to any logged issues.

Additional information

For more information on how Ealing Council manages trees throughout the borough, please refer to the Ealing tree strategy.