My Account re-registration FAQs

Online housing benefit FAQs

What information do I need to register for paperless housing benefit decision notices and to see my housing benefit decision notices?

  • The first time that you register to receive paperless benefit decision notices you will need to provide your first name, last name, date of birth and national insurance number.

What will happen to my previous transaction history?

  • Any transactions that you have already completed and submitted will still be processed. Any transactions that were started, but not completed and submitted will be lost. We have not transferred your previous transaction history so when you register for your new account, you will not see any of your previous housing benefit transactions.

I can’t find my benefit entitlement.

  • If you receive housing benefits and are also a council tax payer, you will be able to view your benefit entitlement by clicking on ‘view my benefits’. This will transfer you to your council tax account. From here there is a link to ‘view my benefits’.
  • If you do not pay council tax and you have not had any changes made to your benefit entitlement since the new system went live on 3 December, you will not be able to see your benefit entitlement.
    • After you report any change of circumstances to us, your new benefit entitlement notice will appear in the ‘benefit decision notices’ area of your online benefits account.
    • You will need to register to see this by clicking on ‘register to receive paperless benefit decision notices.’
  • Your benefit entitlement, or the date it is paid will not change unless either yourself or the HMRC advises us of a change in your circumstances.

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