Drugs and alcohol

Drug and alcohol dependency

Drinking above the recommended levels and drug addiction increase the risk of damage to your long term health as well as having major personal, economic and social costs.

Excessive drinking and drug addiction can have serious consequences for individuals, families, communities and public services.

Evidence based drug and alcohol treatment delivers significant health improvements. It also reduces crime, drug and alcohol-related deaths and the prevalence of related diseases such as liver failure.

Many people are able to overcome their addition with the right attitude and support.

Recovery Intervention Services Ealing (RISE)

RISE offers help and support to adults experiencing problems with drugs and/or alcohol.  RISE provides a range of intensive community based support, treatment and rehabilitation services tailored to an individual’s needs. It also helps to support the person’s friends and family.

RISE is a service commissioned by Ealing Council. It is free, confidential and available to anyone aged 18 or over who lives in Ealing. RISE has several hubs throughout the borough.

For more information, please contact RISE on: 0800 195 8100, or visit the RISE website.

Choose less booze

If you’re not sure what the recommended alcohol limits are, or you find the whole business of counting ‘units’ difficult, help is available:

  • Change4life has a handy drinks checker and unit guide. The site also contains tips and advice to help you cut back on alcohol.