Cancel a resident parking permit

If you have moved out of the borough, do not own the vehicle anymore or do not need the permit, you can apply for the permit to be cancelled. 

Before you start

We will work out the refund amount based on the number of full months left on the permit. There is an £18 admin fee. We will not give you a refund if it is less than the admin fee. Your refund is worked out from the date we get your request to cancel the permit. We do not refund resident permits within three months of their expiry date.

You will need

  • your permit number
  • your vehicle registration
  • the reason for cancellation

What happens next

If you paid by card, we will try to refund to the same card. If we cannot do this, we will contact you to pay it into your bank account. It can take up to 28 days to get a refund.   

Request to cancel a resident parking permit