Reducing casualties

We continually monitor road collision records to identify roads where traffic collisions occur.  If there are a number of collisions or a pattern of similar incidents, the location will be investigated to see if safety improvements can be made. Road safety improvements are prioritised and we work to improve those locations of greatest need first to reduce casualties. You can check the accident record for any road in the borough at Crashmap

Engineering measures used in designs to help to reduce the number of collisions include:

  • Traffic calming - such as mini roundabouts, 20mph limits, road narrowing, road closures, traffic islands
  • Junction alterations
  • Speed limit changes
  • New or altered signs and lines
  • Bus stop improvements
  • New or altered cycle paths
  • New or altered footpaths
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Safety related parking restrictions


All casualty reduction schemes also go through a consultation process.

Contact us about casualty reduction

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