SAFE Service

SAFE is a multi-agency service based on a partnership between Ealing Council, the West London Mental Health Trust, and Ealing Primary Care Trust.

SAFE teams are based in Acton, Northolt, Southall and Ealing Central to ensure the service is easily accessible to people throughout the borough. Team members also now sit within the Ealing Children’s Integrated Response Service.

SAFE works with children, young people and their families to try to deal with difficulties at an early stage before problems get bigger and more difficult to resolve.

SAFE works with families to provide:

  • Individual work with children to address social and emotional needs
  • Support to children and young people who are at risk of social exclusion or underachieving
  • Family work to improve relationships between family members
  • Links to local and community services so families are well supported within the area they live
  • Work with parents to help them develop their parenting skills
  • Support groups for children, parents and families

Please note: Children, young people and families may ‘self-refer’ to SAFE 

Professionals working with children, young people and families should make all referrals for help and support to the Ealing Children’s Integrated Response Service who will assess the needs of each child or family to ensure a holistic approach to getting the full range and level of support needed.