Think Family Plus

Eligible families

The government defines eligible families as households who:

  • are involved in crime and anti-social behaviour
  • have children who are not in school
  • have an adult who is on ‘out of work' benefits
  • are a high cost to the public purse.

According to the government’s financial framework, any family that meets all three of its criteria should automatically be part of the programme. The framework also allows for local discretion in using a ‘fourth criteria’ to include other families in Ealing who meet two of the three national criteria and are a particular cause for concern.

In Ealing, we define the fourth criteria as families:

  • known to children’s statutory and early intervention services, and to adult's services
  • with children on a child protection plan or where the local authority is considering accommodating them as a ‘looked after’ child
  • where there is a history of domestic violence, substance misuse, rent arrears/threat of eviction or families with health problems and drug and alcohol abuse, or that are a high cost to the public purse