Changes to key worker dispensations

Key worker dispensations will no longer be a valid parking permission after 31 July 2021​ but you may be eligible for a Health Emergency Badge permit.

COVID response measures are due to be relaxed on 19 July. As London continues to open up and restrictions are eased further, Ealing Council has decided it is ​now time to resume normal parking restrictions. Some local authorities did this several months ago, but we have opted to keep our special parking provision in line with the road map (indeed even a little beyond) and phase it out slowly to allow key workers time to get used to the normal parking restrictions again. 

Parking services hope that you’ve found the dispensation useful since it was introduced in March 2020 and we would like to extend to you our gratitude for the vital work you’ve undertaken over the previous 15 months. From August, normal parking restrictions will apply so this may be a good time to remind you that Ealing Council pays into the London Councils Health and Emergency Badge ​which is open to those involved in the delivery of primary healthcare attending medical emergencies in patients' homes.  

If you are a key worker but do not qualify for a Health and Emergency Badge, there are plenty of other options available should you need to park in Ealing: 

  • Pay and display – our most popular option permits parking in over 400 different streets and car parks throughout the borough, all of which accept payment by phone or online, and many of which allow cash payment at a pay and display machine. 
  • Business permits – the Council offers permits that permit the user access to parking bays in a specific controlled parking zone or a premium permit parking which can be used in any of Ealing’s 50+ parking zones. 
  • Car Clubs – you may find it easier, especially when using a car only occasionally, to use one of the growing number of car club vehicles in Ealing.  

Thank you again for all your work and please continue to stay safe.