Parking suspension

Apply for a parking suspension

A parking suspension temporarily stops anyone else using one or more parking bays when you need it.

Anyone can apply and they are normally requested for house moves, utility works or events.  

Before you start

Complete this form to ask for these parking spaces to be suspended:

  • Resident parking bays within controlled parking zones
  • Free bays
  • Pay and display bays.

Do not complete this form

If you need to extend a parking suspension, please complete this form again within three to seven working days before the end of the existing suspension.

If you need a suspension on more than one street, you will need to complete a form for each street.


Applications made at least seven working days before the suspension starts - £33 per bay, per day.

Applications made at least three working days before the suspension starts - £45 per bay, per day.

There is a £25 administration fee on refunds for the cancellation of a suspension.

We cannot give refunds if you have made a mistake. You may want to visit the area to check the information you give us is correct.

You will need

  • Exact location of the parking bays
  • When you need it
  • Reason for suspending the bay
  • Number of bays to be suspended (each bay is five metres)
  • A debit or credit card
  • Photo or marked map of the bays to be suspended (if you have it).

Uploading supporting documents

We may ask you to upload some documents. For example, a photo or marked map of the bays to be suspended.

  • Accepted file types: Word (docx), Acrobat (pdf), Excel (xlsx), Plain text (txt) 
  • Zip files cannot be uploaded 
  • We also accept photos taken on phones and tablets and the following image file types - jpeg, gif, png  
  • There is a maximum individual file size per document of 50MB. 

What happens next

We will check your application and if successful, we will put yellow signs up five days before the suspension starts, to warn drivers. These will normally be placed on lamp posts or a sign post. The signs will show the date, location and reason for suspension.

This form should take approximately four minutes to complete. 

Apply for a parking suspension