Cycle training

Childrens cycle training

Bikeability at schools 

Ealing offers free cycle training at schools that show their commitment to active travel by working with the council's school travel team and achieving Transport for London's (TfL) STARS accreditation.

  • Level 1 courses take place on school grounds. Available for children in years 3 and above and are for children that can ride a bike, but not with one hand
  • Level 2 courses take place on local roads. Available for children in years 5 and above that are comfortable riding a bike with one hand

Find out which Ealing schools are currently STARS accredited

For further information on STARS email

Adult cycle training

Adult cycle training is available throughout the year.

You will need to join our waiting list and someone will be in touch when there is availability. Training includes:

  • one-to-one sessions, these can take place at a convenient time and place to suit your needs
  • adult group sessions, held on Saturdays at Gunnersbury Park and Southall Park
  • family sessions, for up to 3 people from the same household taking place at a time and location convenient to you

Book a course

To find out more about the sessions, or to book visit the Cycling Instructor website or call 0845 652 0421.

Free online cycle skills course

Improve your basic skills to feel more confident.

Whether you are new to cycling or just want to brush up on your skills, the TFL free online cycle skills course provides easy to follow tips and advice to get you going. You will learn:

  • tips on getting you and your cycle prepared for the road
  • how to start cycling on the road safely and responsibly
  • tips to brush up on your cycling skills to give you confidence to get back out on the road again
  • how to cycle in a group with children and adults