Travel to school

The way children travel to school can have an enormous impact on their lifestyle. Parents taking their children to and from school by car is contributing to increased congestion, higher levels of pollution around schools and a greater risk to pedestrians and cyclists from traffic.

In Ealing the majority of children live within a short distance of their school, making it easy for them to walk, scoot or cycle. It is recommended that children are physically active for at least 60 minutes each day. Travelling to school in an active way can help ensure children get the recommended amound of exercise and pupils who walk to school arrive alert, refreshed and ready to learn.

All schools should have school travel plans and promote sustainable and active travel for the school journey. The council's school travel team works with schools to help them encourage pupils and their parents to get to school in the best way and avoid unnecessary car journeys.

The team has developed walking maps, showing parents easy routes for walking to school.

The team also help schools with activities to encourage active travel, such as:

  • helping schools to set up walking buses
  • delivering scooter training
  • helping schools set up cycle training sessions
  • delivering walk to school campaigns
  • helping schools overcome barriers that are preventing active travel.

For further details on support available to schools, please contact