The council carries out roadworks in the borough, including road resurfacing, footpath renewal, street lighting repairs and routine highway maintenance (pothole repairs etc).  Other works are carried out by utility companies (such as water, gas, electricity and telecommunications). 

Planned roadworks 

To check roadworks in the borough view the weekly roadworks schedule 

Please note: Minor repairs and emergency works carried out at very short notice will not be included.

To check current and planned roadworks and street events in Ealing and throughout London go to London's register of roadworks

To check roadworks throughout the UK go to 

Please note: Details of some works may not be visible on the above websites because the utility/service company or highways contractor has failed to get approval before carrying out the works or because they are emergency works.  

Report a roadwork problem

To report a problem or if you have any questions about road works please contact the company responsible: 

Report a dangerous street or roadwork