Car clubs

Car clubs are a great way to have access to a car or van when you need one, but without the hassle and cost of owning one.

Car clubs can reduce congestion, reduce parking pressure and reduce pollution. Being a car club member means you have access to a fleet of cars across Ealing. Cars can be booked for as little as an hour and there are discounted rates, whole day hire or long term hire. 

There are almost 100 vehicles in the borough, operated by three companies working in Ealing:

How they work

  • Booking: Online or over the phone. Cars can be booked at a moment’s notice, or months in advance.
  • Location: Cars are parked in designated spaces around the borough, so a set of wheels is never far away and you’re guaranteed a parking space.
  • Unlock: use your 'smart card' to unlock the car and enter your pin on the computer terminal (located in the glove box).
  • Drive: Take the keys and away you go.

Once you’ve finished with the vehicle, return it to its parking space, put the keys in the glove box, lock the car with your smart card and walk away.


There is usually an hourly charge which not only covers the hire, but all running costs as well, including fuel, maintenance, car insurance, breakdown cover and MOT. Car club members are billed monthly and only pay for their drive time.

Reasons to join

Not only will you save money and the expense of running your own car, you’ll also be helping the environment. Car club vehicles are more carbon efficient than the average  car. What’s more, they help cut the number of vehicles on the road, easing congestion and parking pressure.

Car clubs are also popular for business. Ealing Council is a corporate member of car clubs replacing the need for a corporate fleet.