Request a clinical waste collection

Clinical waste can be harmful and needs to be collected separately from the rest of your rubbish and recycling. We can collect and get rid of used syringes, dressings and surgical waste, using sacks or a sharps box. 

Sacks are used to collect:

  • Soiled dressings
  • Blood and or bodily fluids 
  • Swabs and dressings. 

Sharps boxes are used to collect syringes, EpiPens and needles only. We do not stock or deliver them. These will be given to you when you get your medication.

This is a free service for residents. 

Before you start

Do not complete this form:

  • If you are living in or running a care home or other business
  • To ask us to collect dialysis equipment. This can be placed in your recycling bin once cleaned
  • To ask us to collect drugs or pharmaceutical products. These should be returned to your pharmacy or clinic
  • For incontinence wear or pads, catheter bags and stoma bags. These should be double bagged and put in your rubbish bin. 

What happens next

We will start collecting the clinical sacks within two weeks. Collections will take place weekly, on Tuesdays. 

We will collect the sharps box within seven working days, on a Wednesday or Thursday. This is a one-off collection. You will need to complete this form every time you need a sharps box collection.

This form should take approximately five minutes to complete 

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