Clear sack recycling service

Mixed clear sack recycling service

Clear sacks for mixed recycling are only provided to residents living in flats above shops, properties on red routes and medium sized blocks of flats.

The clear sacks make it easy for you to recycle and prevents waste being sent to landfill.

What can you recycle in your clear sack

Yes please No thanks
Cans and foil Broken glass
Cartons Carrier bags and black sacks
Flattened cardboard Cling film
Glass jars household plastics Food waste
Household plastics Garden waste
Paper Nappies

After filling your clear sack with recycling materials, please tie the sack firmly.

Your clear sack will be collected weekly from a designated area on your collection day.

Please put your sack out for collection before 7am on your collection day only, or refer to your timed collection schedule.

You will automatically receive a pack of 20 sacks, 3 times a year in February, June and October.

If additional sacks are required, please contact customer services on 0208 825 6000.