Library of Things

Why buy when you, repair, relove, swap or share

Rent useful household items from your local high street.

From mid-June 2024, you will be able to borrow over 30 useful DIY, gardening, cleaning, repair and home improvement items from the new Library of Things (LoT) in Ealing Broadway shopping centre, rather than buying new. 

We have partnered up with LoT to offer affordable borrowing access to useful items. This will help you save money and avoid wasteful one-time purchases. 

LoT works like a normal library, but instead of books they are filled with rentable items from carpet cleaners, drills and hedge trimmers, to sewing machines, projectors, speakers and PA systems and even a 3 person tent. 

Did you know the average drill is only used for 3 minutes a year? We all have things cluttering up our cupboards that we do not need and only use every so often, when we could be sharing instead. 

You can start reserving items on the LoT website from Monday, 3 June 2024.

All items will be available to collect from Tuesday 11 June 2024.

You can rent most things from under £10 and booking and collecting the items is easy. All items are housed in self-service lockers in Ealing Broadway shopping centre, next to Tesco. 

If you sign up to the Library of Things mailing list before 3 June, you will be first in line to borrow and receive a 10% discount on your first booking.