50% by 2020

50% is a national target that Ealing must reach by 2020.  The borough is embarking on a drive to boost our recycling rate and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

The target can be achieved by reducing the amount of rubbish in your black sack and increasing the amount of recycling in your recycling boxes and bags.

The council are working hard to make recycling easier for residents, and you can expect to see new services introduced over the next few years.

There are many benefits to recycling more and wasting less, including conserving natural resources and saving energy, and financial rewards by freeing up money better used on providing services.

What can you do?

Do a little extra
Even if you already recycle a lot, take a look at the list of items below which are often thrown away but can be recycled.

  • Aerosol cans (empty hairspray, deodorant) – green box only
  • Batteries – green box only
  • Cleaning and liquid soap bottles
  • Engine oil (in sealed containers)
  • Shredded paper – green box only
  • Aluminium foil and food trays
  • Food and drink cartons (tetra packs)

Donate or re-use
Before you throw anything in the rubbish bin ask yourself 'Is this really rubbish?’. There are lots of items which can be re-used or donated to a good home rather than going to landfill.

Recycle your food waste
Take the next step and start to recycle your food waste. The caddy is easy to use, and will dramatically reduce what goes into your black sack. It will also stop foxes getting into your bags, and can reduce smell.

Compost or use the garden waste collection service
Use our garden waste collection service to conveniently collect your garden waste each fortnight. Or start a compost bin at home and benefit from free garden fertiliser.