The London Plan


What is the London Plan?

The London Plan is the overall strategic plan for London and it sets out a fully integrated economic, environmental, transport and social framework for the development of the capital to 2031. It forms part of the development plan for Greater London. London boroughs’ local plans need to be in general conformity with the London Plan, and its policies guide decisions on planning applications by councils and the Mayor of London.

When was the London Plan published?

It was published on 22 July 2011.  Due to its size, it is available to download in chapters

On January 15 2014 the Mayor of London published Draft Further Alterations to the London Plan (FALP) for a twelve-week period of public consultation.

On December 15 2014, the Mayor of London published the report of the planning inspector who carried out the examination in public of the Draft FALP. This report concludes that the London Plan as changed by the FALP provides an appropriate basis for the strategic planning of Greater London provided the suggested and further suggested changes are made and his recommendations are accepted.

The Further Alterations to the London Plan were adopted on the 10 March 2015.