Call for sites for the new local plan

The consultation has now closed.

Ealing is creating a new Local Plan which will set out a vision and strategic framework for the future development of Ealing over the next 15 years. This ‘Call for Sites’ is an opportunity for landowners, developers, agents and site promoters to submit sites which are considered to have the potential for future development.

Sites should meet the following criteria to be included in the assessment: 

  • It is wholly or partially within the Ealing Local Planning Authority. 
  • Whilst there is no minimum size threshold, sites should contribute to meeting strategic goals and typically be of a scale exceeding 0.25ha of developable land (or can accommodate 500 sqm of floorspace).

Please note, that whilst there is no maximum size of site, please do not submit separate parcels of land which adjoin or overlap, we need only to see the full extent of available land for the assessment.

We encourage those submitting large, strategic scale sites to work collaboratively with adjoining landowners/promoters, where appropriate, to ensure that a coordinated and comprehensive approach is taken in establishing their development potential. Sites can be greenfield or previously developed (brownfield) land.

Each site submission will require the completion of a separate Call for Sites form.

This consultation runs from 30 November 2022 to 8 February 2023.