Development Sites DPD

What is the Development Sites DPD?
The Development Sites DPD (also known as the Site Specific Allocations DPD) will set out the planning requirements for those key sites with significant development potential.

The Development Sites DPD supports the delivery of the Development Strategy through allocating land for a particular use or type of development. Site allocations seek to deliver specific objectives within the Development Strategy and support/promote proposals for the use of land. Therefore only those sites that are considered central to delivering the policies and objectives of the Development Strategy DPD, and likely to come forward during the lifetime of the Local Plan (2011-2026), are included in the Development Sites DPD.

The Development Sites DPD supports a strategic and proactive approach to development and change, by ensuring the most suitable sites are brought forward, and that the most appropriate combination of uses and scale of development are promoted on each site. This certainty about the nature and location of future development also supports the more effective planning of the infrastructure necessary to support growth. The individual allocations incorporate an appropriate degree of flexibility, in recognition of the changing macro context within which development proposals will be brought forward over the long term.

The hearing sessions took place between 4-12 June 2013.

When was the Development Sites DPD adopted?
The council adopted the 
development Sites DPD on 10 December 2013