Infrastructure funding statement

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) regulations require all local planning authorities that issue a CIL liability notice or enter into Section 106 planning obligations during a reporting year to publish an infrastructure funding statement (IFS) at least annually.

The purpose of the IFS is to help local communities and developers see how contributions have been spent and understand what future funds will be spent on, ensuring a transparent and accountable system.

The data is provided in a MS Excel spreadsheet, three CSV files and an explanatory note. CSV files make it easier to share raw data across government. However, CSV files do not retain any formatting (such as column width, font styles, or colours) and therefore can be more difficult for people to read. For this reason, we have also combined and presented the data from the CSV files in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet..


For the monitoring year spanning April 2019 to March 2020, the London Borough of Ealing (LBE) did not charge CIL, therefore the 2019/20 IFS reports only Section 106 planning obligations.


A report is currently in preparation and will be published when completed.