How to comment on planning applications

The Statement of Community Involvement is a statutory document that sets out the council’s objectives and standards for community involvement in development planning and development management. It provides information on how members of the public and interested organisations can be involved in decisions on planning policy and planning applications.

Ealing Council notifies neighbours of development proposals by the display of a site notice near the site. The code of practice for neighbour notifications on planning applications defines our notification protocol.

You can submit your comment online via the public access portal

Please note:

  • The comment text field is mandatory and unless this is completed you will get an error message when submitting your comments. You are also required to complete the address fields so that we can inform you in writing if the case is referred to committee.
  • The online service is not available from 11pm-1am daily. 

    You can comment on an application even if you haven't been formally consulted. We must receive your written comments within 21 days of the start of the consultation period. If the planning application needs to be considered by the planning committee, and you have submitted comments, you will be informed when the meeting will take place. Please note that we will need your full postal address for us to notify you of the meeting.

Comments taken into consideration during a consultation

Planning services can only consider planning-related comments:

  • design and layout
  • external appearance and materials
  • access for disabled people
  • loss of daylight, sunlight and privacy of neighbours
  • noise nuisance
  • traffic and parking issues
  • loss of, or an increase in, a particular type of use of land

There are certain types of applications which do not require a statutory consultation:

  • lawful development certificates
  • tree applications
  • screening opinions
  • scoping opinions
  • applications relating to details of conditions

Any comments received on the application types above would not be considered in the assessment of the application.