Ealing Design Review Panel

The Design Review Panel is intended to provide additional expert advice to inform the planning process. The appointment of an independent panel is part of Ealing Council's process for ensuring effective testing of development proposals. The panel will also play an important role in furthering the council's commitment to securing high quality design which complements and enhances the boroughs townscape.


The panel is made up of 20 members who are leading professionals working at the highest level in their fields. They will provide a broad range of expertise including:

  • architecture
  • urban design and town planning
  • landscape and public realm
  • heritage and townscape
  • sustainability and low carbon design
  • inclusive design
  • transport infrastructure and transport planning.

The Panel is provided by Frame Projects and is funded independently of the council. Applicants are referred to the Panel by the council as an external service and fees are paid to Frame projects. If we refer an application to the Panel, the design of a proposal is assessed, and the Panel provides advice.

For further information, see Ealing Design Review Panel Terms of Reference.


Applicants are referred to the Design Review Panel by the council (case officer), as an external service and fees are paid by the applicant to Frame Projects for delivering this service.

Reports from the Design Review Panel relating to specific planning applications will be published alongside other documents related to that application, on our Planning applications page. Design Review reports will also be included in planning committee reports.


The costs of the Design Review Panel are:

  • £4,500 + VAT formal review
  • £2,500 + VAT chair's review
  • £1,500 + VAT surgery review