Review of conservation areas

The public and stakeholder consultation has now ended. The council will carefully consider all submitted responses before coming to a view on any changes to conservation areas. This page will be updated with further information on next steps in due course.


It has been some time since conservation areas in Ealing were last reviewed comprehensively. The current review has focussed on identifying:

  • The key changes, and their impacts, to each of our conservation areas over the last decade or so, and to assess if the designations are still ‘fit for purpose’
  • If any changes are needed to the conservation area boundaries, in terms of enlargement or reduction of existing conservation areas, or even if new areas should be created
  • If any additional planning controls/guidance are needed to help preserve and enhance the special character of our conservation areas; these may include introducing further restrictions (‘Article 4 Directions’) on works such as replacement windows or extensions that can normally be carried out without planning permission, and/or in providing more design guidance where needed to promote the unique architecture of an area.

We carried out public and stakeholder consultation on a review of conservation areas between 3 February and 18 March 2022. For further information see the accompanying leaflet which provides a concise summary and a number of more detailed reports.