Common land and village greens

Ealing Council holds/maintains the registers of common land and village greens for land within its boundaries. Registration as common land and/or village green gives some rights of access to land and may place restrictions on the owners. For more details please go to the GOV.UK website.

Searches of the registers

For information on carrying out a search of these registers go to the land searches pages.

Applications to correct the registers

Under the Commons Act 2006, from 15 December 2014 applications may be made to:

a) correct errors made by the council or its predecessors when registering common land and town or village greens, and

b) remove buildings and/or land that were wrongly registered as common land and/or town and village greens

A fee of £1,000 is payable for applications under (b). If the application is referred to the Planning Inspectorate an additional, greater, fee will be payable. For more details please visit the Planning Inspectorate website.