Street cleaning

Let us know if you think a street needs cleaning.

Report a street cleaning problem

If there is a cleaning emergency, like harmful material and fuel spills, please telephone: 020 8825 8825 (24 hours a day).

When we clean your streets 

Residential streets are cleaned regularly: 

  • standard cleaning takes place either weekly or fortnightly and includes removing litter, broken glass, animal mess and small fly-tips
  • deep cleaning takes place at least three times a year and includes standard cleaning plus weeds, blossom, leaves and the build up of dirt and grit

Town centres

Town centres and transport hubs are cleaned daily and most street litter bins are emptied at least once a day.

Help clean your own street or neighbourhood

If you want to help by picking up litter or collecting leaves in your area, we can give you equipment to help you do this. You can also arrange for the bags to be collected when you have finished. This could be for someone cleaning their own street, a community clear-up event or a litter-picking group. 

Order equipment or the collection of filled sacks

Note: these sacks are for street leaves and litter and not for general waste or green waste from your garden.