Report a street cleaning problem

Emergency cleaning can be requested where unsanitary or potentially harmful material is found in a public place, including fuel spills or dead animals.

When making a report you will need to provide:

  • the street name and closest door number, where possible
  • a description of the problem, e.g. wet leaves or litter

Report a street cleaning problem

Telephone: 020 8825 8825 (24 hours a day)

When are streets cleaned

Residential streets are cleaned according to need: 

  • Standard cleaning takes place either weekly, fortnightly or three-weekly and consists of the removal of litter, broken glass, animal fouling and small fly tips.
  • Deep cleaning takes place four times per year and consists of the removal of the above plus weeds, blossom, leaves and detritus.

Town centres and transport hubs are cleaned daily and all street litter bins are also emptied at least once a day.

During the autumn leaf fall season, deep cleansing takes place more often in roads that are tree lined.