Highway improvement works

The highways service works to deliver improvements to the adopted highways and pavements around the borough. Improvement works in the community include:

  • traffic calming
  • parking restrictions
  • speed limit changes
  • footway and pedestrian crossing improvements
  • cycling schemes
  • renewal of adopted roads and footpaths
  • installation of controlled parking zones

Upcoming projects

Visions for Northolt - Village Green

As part of the Visions for Northolt initiative, Ealing Council is working on a project to enhance the Village Green area, which includes the park surrounding the historic clock tower, situated along Ealing Road.

In accordance with Ealing Council's Travel in Ealing Charter, these enhancements have been collaboratively developed in consultation with residents and businesses. To delve deeper into this engagement process and see how valuable feedback has shaped our plans, visit Projects (visionsfornortholt.co.uk).  

The proposed improvements includes:

  • pedestrian and cyclist pathways - Establishing safe and accessible crossings along Ealing Road promoting active and sustainable travel
  • improved road layout - Enhancing the road layout to reduce vehicle speeds and enhance safety, particularly for pedestrians
  • redesigned streetscape - Enhancing the appearance and functionality of the shopping parade and surrounding areas with new materials and street furniture
  • greenery - Implementing planting initiatives to combat air and noise pollution, promote biodiversity, and enrich the local environment. This includes the addition of various new trees to enhance the natural landscape
  • lighting - Installing illumination to facilitate safer navigation
  • enhanced cycling infrastructure - Implementing measures to improve cyclist safety and promote cycling within the area, preparing for better connectivity with the wider cycling network and enhancing the overall cycling experience

These improvements aim to create a more vibrant and functional environment for the community while enriching the quality of life in the area.

This project aspires to deliver part of the ambitions of a broader initiative aimed at improving the infrastructure, public spaces, and active travel options along Kensington, Ealing Road and Mandeville Road.

View the proposal drawing for Village Green.

To give your feedback on this proposal, email visionsfornortholt@ealing.gov.uk

Visions for Northolt – Kensington Road   

As part of Visions for Northolt, Ealing Council will be carrying out highway improvement works along Kensington Road, between the junctions of Ruislip Road and Rowdell Road.  

As set out in the council’s Travel in Ealing Charter, these proposals have been co-designed with local residents and businesses through an extensive engagement programme.
Find out more about this engagement and how this feedback has been taken.

The programme of works includes:

  • pedestrian and cyclist crossings – to create safe and convenient connections across Kensington Road
  • cycle lanes – a separate space to support safe cycling and contribute to a connected and growing cycle network
  • narrowed junctions at side roads – to improve road safety by reducing vehicle speeds and crossing distances
  • footways – new paving and surfacing to improve the accessibility and look & feel of Kensington Road
  • planting – to address air and noise pollution, increase biodiversity and improve the local environment
  • sustainable drainage – natural planted areas to improve drainage and mitigate against flooding
  • lighting and directional signage– to create more legible and safe routes, especially at night

These improvements will make travel in Northolt safer, easier and more pleasant for all, including cyclists and pedestrians. The works will support active and sustainable travel, addressing concerns from local people about pollution, traffic and road safety. 

This is the first phase of the wider highways, public realm and active travel improvements being delivered on Kensington, Ealing, Church and Mandeville Road.  

Green Ring – Rowdell Road Crossing

The Green Ring is a 6.3km circular route through six parks - Lime Tree Park, Islip Manor Park, Belvue Park, Smiths Farm, Northala Fields, Rectory Park and a section of the Canal. This walking and cycling route will celebrate and bring together valued green spaces. It will raise the infrastructure quality, increase use and access, and facilitate active travel. It will improve residents quality of life and health. The Green Ring forms part of a wider active and sustainable travel network for Northolt, as set out in the community-led 20-minute Neighbourhood Framework for Northolt. It will complement the improvements underway to Ealing, Kensington, Church and Mandeville Roads, also forming part of the Visions for Northolt programme.

As part of this programme, Ealing Council are proposing to install a pedestrian and cyclist crossing on Rowdell Road close to the entrance of Belvue Park. It will form a link between the park and the path that leads to the Grand Union Canal. As part of the proposal the footpath will be built out to reduce the crossing distance. Some areas that are being redistributed away from the road will be turned into additional green spaces.

Find out more about the wider Green Ring Proposals.

View the proposal drawing for the Rowdell Road Crossing

Please provide any feedback regarding this proposal via email to visionsfornortholt@ealing.gov.uk.

Yellow box junctions

Ealing Council are implementing yellow box junctions in various locations around the borough. Yellow boxes are used to keep junctions clear to allow traffic to keep flowing in different directions. Furthermore, this helps improve safety for all road users. They are also used outside fire stations to maintain access and exit. As the name suggests yellow box junctions are marked with yello cross-cross lines on the road. Additonal signage is not required. 

Yellow box junctions are enforced through penalty charge notices. If a driver is found to be in contravention, they will be charged. This is an effective measure to make sure junctions remain clear and keep traffic moving around the borough. Drivers must not enter a yellow box until there is enough space on the other side of the junction for your vehicle to exit the box fully without stopping.

Video from Transport for London (TfL): how to negotiate a yellow box junction

List of locations where new yellow box junctions will be installed in Ealing in 2023

Location - with Street view link Area Reason
Uxbridge Road junction with Leeland Terrace West Ealing Westbound traffic from pedestrian crossing blocks the junction with Leeland Terrace preventing westbound traffic. Affects safety and traffic flow.
Greenford Road junction with Whitton Avenue Greenford Northbound traffic from Sudbury Hill Station prevents other vehicle movements through the junction. Affects safety and traffic flow.
Uxbridge Road junction with Broadway (Cherrington Road) Hanwell Eastbound traffic from Church Road roundabout blocks exit of Cherrington Road at peak times. Affects safety and traffic flow.
Churchfield Road junction with Goldsmith Road Acton When level crossing is active, vehicles block Goldsmith Road. This prevents vehicles exiting onto Churchfield Road. Affects safety and traffic flow.
Greenford Road Roundabout (Exit of Slip lanes) Greenford Northbound traffic from Greenford Road blocks the eastbound A40 off slip on the roundabout. Affects safety and traffic flow.

For comments or questions please email highwayservices@ealing.gov.uk.