Report a faulty street light

Report a fault with a street light, zebra crossing light, lit road sign or bollard. 

Before you start

Do not complete this form to report:

You will need

  • The location of the faulty street light, including the nearest door number, road or landmark
  • To describe the problem
  • Photos of the street light (if you have any) 
  • Lamp post or bollard number (if you have it).

Uploading supporting documents

We may ask you to upload some documents. For example, photos of the faulty light. This is very helpful if it has been damaged by a vehicle.

  • Accepted file types: Word (docx), Acrobat (pdf), Excel (xlsx), Plain text (txt) 
  • Zip files can't be uploaded 
  • We also accept photos taken on phones and tablets and the following image file types - jpeg, gif, png. 
  • There is a maximum individual file size per document of 50MB.

What happens next

We will investigate within five working days. Where possible, dangerous faults will be made safe within an hour.

Please check My Account for updates.

Response times

  • Missing door covers, exposed wires, knocked down posts or bollards - One hour
  • Flickering lights or lights on permanently - Five working days
  • Complete replacement, such as a post or light unit - 15 working days
  • Lights out - 25 working days (possibly a further 10 working days for electrical disconnection and then re-connection).

This form should take approximately five minutes to complete. 

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