Supporting Afghan refugees

Ealing Council have already welcomed the first families under the Afghan Relocation and Assistance Policy (ARAP) to our borough and are providing support as they establish themselves here in the UK. As well as the support we are giving as a council, these families are being welcomed and supported by Ealing’s vibrant Afghan community, local charities and organisations.

We have a proud tradition of welcoming refugees to our borough. As one of the country’s most diverse and harmonious areas to live, we are confident that refugees will be able to settle successfully and to make a positive contribution to our community and the local economy. 

Ealing Council supports the call for all areas of the UK to do their bit to alleviate the unthinkable suffering of refugees and help in this humanitarian crisis. 

Ealing is already supporting refugees and, along with other councils in the capital, are working closely with the Mayor of London and the government on proposals and are waiting for further information on what funding will be available to the council in accommodating further refugees in the borough.

We welcome the support that local charities and organisations are also offering to Afghan families who are seeking assistance.

The Afghan Families Project provides emotional and practical family centred support.  Find out about the project, and how they can help

If you, as a resident, want to show your support, please refer to the following: 

Volunteer for the Afghan Family Project

Afghanistan Crisis 

Afghan Ressettlement Emergency Funds

Care for Calais

Afghan Sikhs & Hindus Global Community on Facebook