Liveable Neighbourhoods

Ealing Town Centre Liveable Neighbourhood Bid

On the face of it, Ealing is a well-connected, green and prosperous town centre. It has a reasonably resilient retail and commercial leisure offer, strongly defined character and attractive heritage areas. Given these advantages, it should be performing considerably better than it does, delivering on its Metropolitan centre status for local people and others. 

Over the summer of 2019, the council has engaged with local stakeholders, residents and visitors about the issues the town centre is facing and how it could be improved. The results of the community engagement are summarised in the Engagement Report and Findings Report.

The results of this engagement and a plan for positive change created the Prospectus for Change; a directory of schemes and projects which will greatly improve the public realm in the town centre, make it easier to walk and cycle and reduce the dominance of motorised traffic with its associated air pollution.  The Prospectus will be used to help attract funding to deliver the plan.

The first use of the Prospectus is a bid to Transport for London for Liveable Neighbourhood Funding. The bid was submitted in November 2019 and the result of the bid are expected in February 2020.