Sometimes known as Little India, Southall is a lively and diverse community in west London.  There are strong Indian and Pakistani roots here mixed with communities from all over the world.  Women wearing colourful saris, pavement food stalls selling samosas and Indian sweets, bright fabrics hanging in shop fronts, bhangra music in the air and the hustle and bustle of a vibrant local economy make a visit to Southall unforgettable.

The main shopping area is to be found along Southall Broadway on Uxbridge Road.  Around Diwali is a great time to take advantage of special offers on silk and jewellery. Or treat yourself to an Indian head massage or a henna tattoo.  Southall Market on Uxbridge Road opposite North Road, opens Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, with the busiest day Saturday with lots of variety on offer ranging from food stalls, clothes (Asian/European) and electronics.

There is a huge range places to eat and drink particularly Punjabi, Sri Lankan, Pakistani and South Indian cuisines. 

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Local attractions in Southall

The Dominion Arts Education Centre
This vibrant arts education centre has a programme of regular arts activities reflecting the diverse cultures represented in the borough of Ealing.

Southall Park
Mainly formal parkland with small sections set aside for nature conservation and recreation. The site also has a playground, play centre and dual use tennis court and multi-use games area. 

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Southall Sports Centre
Facilities include Sports hall, Bostons gym, Bostons female gym, sauna, dance studio, treatment room. The centre is also the home of London Progress Table Tennis club.

Dormers Wells Leisure Centre
Facilities include swimming pool, women’s only sessions, indoor and outdoor sports facilities and fitness centre (facilities managed in partnership with Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL)).

Southall Library
Southall Library has an extensive selection of books in Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu. There are also dual language books for children in Arabic, Bengali and Somali.

Himalaya Palace Cinema
A well-loved local landmark first built in 1929 and designed by the architect George Coles. The cinema's exuberant style in the form of a Chinese temple is unique in Britain and it shows Bollywood blockbusters and other movies throughout the week. 

Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara
This is the largest Sikh Temple outside India and welcomes visitors.

History of Southall
Southall has grown from a tiny farming area into a vibrant bustling international community.

Spotlight on Southall
Sometimes known as Little India, Southall is a lively and diverse community in this borough.