Ealing sports facility strategy 2022 to 2031

Ealing Council has worked in partnership with Sport England facilities improvement service to develop a comprehensive evidence base for indoor and outdoor sports facilities. The findings have then been used to develop the Ealing sports facility strategy for 2022 to 2031. The strategy assesses current and future need for the most popular indoor and outdoor sports facilities across the borough.

This strategy seeks to:

  • raise the profile of sport and physical activity in the borough
  • promote an integrated approach to provision and
  • through an action plan, establish the direction for projected facility improvements throughout the period of the plan

The majority of the proposed actions are dependent on securing additional external funding however the strategy should support access to both existing and emerging funding streams as the Council has already had significant success using this evidence base to access Lottery, Mayor's Legacy and other grant funding streams.

The strategy provides an audit and assessment of the current quantity, quality and accessibility of sports facilities in the borough. The outcomes and recommendations of the strategy directly support the Local Development Framework process and set local sports facility provision standards for the future.