Greenford parks

Other parks in Greenford

Bitterns Field/Brentside Footpath/Mayfield/Marnham Field/Greenford Island

Area within Brent River Park managed for its wildlife interest. There are enjoyable footpaths across the meadows and beside the river, connecting Hanwell with Greenford.
Access: Brunswick Road
Transport: Bus: E2, E9, PR1
Open access
Contact: East ranger team

Greenford Birch Wood

Part of the Northolt Greenford Countryside Park the site is a small mixed woodland with a stream and a stand of silver birch which provides nesting sites for common woodland birds.
Access: Long Drive
Transport: None
Open access
Contact:  West ranger team

Greenford Lagoons

Former wasteland is part of the Northolt Greenford Countryside Park that now features three permanent lagoons feeding floodwater through filtering reed beds with associated wildlife.
Access: A40 near Oldfield Lane South and Millet Road
Transport: Bus: E10
Open access
Contact: West ranger team

Greenford Recreation Ground

Large green open space with a perimeter-walking route and a play area for children.
Access: Mansell Road, Mornington Road, Garrick Road and Fermay Road.
Transport: Bus: 105, 95, 282, E6, E7, E9
Facilities: Playground
Open access
Contact: West ranger team

Grove Farm

A Local Nature Reserve with a circular path that can be used for recreation. This site contains conservation interest with ancient woodland and the associated plants such as wild service trees and woodland flower species.
Access: Whitton Avenue West, Dimmock Drive, Lilian Board Way or the access road for the David Lloyd sports centre.
Transport: Tube: Sudbury Hill (Piccadilly line), Bus: 487, 92, H17
Open access
Contact: West ranger team

Litten Local Nature Reserve

Two-acre site containing woodland, wildflower meadows and ponds. Local schools and community groups (Friends of the Litten & Footsteps Art Group) use the reserve for conservation tasks and educational workshops.
Access: Oldfield Lane South
Transport: Bus: 92, 95, 105, 282, E6, E7, E9
Facilities: Classroom, toilets
Access can only be gained by prior arrangement
Contact: West ranger team

Marnham Fields

Wildflower meadows and woodlands bounded by the canal separating the site from Smiths Farm. Part of Northolt and Greenford Countryside with community woodlands (Marnham Woodlands Group) which have been planted as part of the site's ongoing re-development.
Access: Millet Road, Long Drive via footbridge over A40, Western Avenue and from Smiths Farm via footbridge over the Grand Union Canal.
Transport: Train: Greenford (British Rail), Tube: Greenford (Central line), Bus: E10
Open access
Contact: West ranger team

Oldfield Recreation Ground

Small area of green open space for informal recreation. Formerly used as farmland, the park now provides a quiet haven from busy roads on both sides.
Access: Oldfield Road North and Greenford Road.
Transport: Train: Greenford (British Rail), Tube: Greenford (Central line), Bus: 92, 105, E6.
Facilities: Playground, dog exercise area
Open access
Contact: West ranger team

Perivale Park and Meadows/ Ruislip Road East Conservation Area

Part of Brent River Park this park is devoted to sport with football and cricket pitches, Perivale Park Athletics Track and Gym, Ealing and Southall Athletics Club and Perivale Golf Course. Costons Brook runs through the west side of the park skirting Perivale Meadows before joining the River Brent - walkers can enjoy the river by taking the Ruislip Road riverside walk.
Access: Stockdove Way, Lever Gardens, Cowgate Lane and Costons Lane.
Transport: Train: South Greenford (Thames Trains), Bus: 92, 95, E2, E5, E6, E7, E9, E10, 105
Facilities: Bowling green and pavilion, football pitches, cricket pitches, sports changing rooms, playground, golf course, tennis courts, Perivale Athletics Track & Gym, Perivale golf course, car park
Open access to the park but the car park shared with the golf course is locked. Please refer to signage in the car park for locking times.
Contact: west ranger team
Perivale Park Athletics Track and Gym: (020) 8575 5776
Perivale Golf Club: (020) 8575 7116