Ealing parks

Pitshanger Park

Where is it?

Pitshanger Park is located in the Brent River Park (BRP) and is designated as Metropolitan Open Land.

Getting there

Bus: 95 on A40 (Western Avenue), 297, E2, E7 and E9 on Argyle Road
Tube: Perivale (Central Line) is a five-minute walk south down Horsenden Lane South and across the footbridge over the A40.
Parking: There is a car park at the end of Perivale Gardens.  Car park locking applies - please refer to information at car park gates or to the park opening and closing times.
Bike/on foot: Access is from Bellevue Road, Scotch Common, Argyle Road, Perivale Lane and Meadvale Road. Footpaths and cycle paths connect to St Mary’s, Perivale and Gurnell. 


Sport enthusiasts can make use of tennis, football or bowls facilities and golfers can tee-off over on the adjacent Ealing Golf Course.

There are also

  • allotments
  • playground
  • play centre
  • car park
  • toilets

About the park

Pitshanger Park is a formal park so it is maintained by contractors and does not have any specific areas for conservation.  It is unique in comparison to most of our formal parks as it is bordered by the River Brent to the north, which acts as a haven for wildlife.  This enables people to enjoy a walk by the river in a safe, clean and welcoming environment while also having the option to utilise a selection of facilities and features.

Pitshanger Park is very popular for dog walkers as it has some large open spaces and good walking routes. Overall it has something to suit all.

Wildlife value

Although little semi-natural vegetation cover remains along the Brent’s corridor, there are some remnant and recreated habitats that mean it forms an important area for nature that needs conservation management as a priority land-use.

The river corridor itself has been subject to flood alleviation in parts, meaning that the banks are generally not natural or sympathetic to wildlife, and disturbance is high due to recreational pressure. However, there remain many old trees along the river’s course in Pitshanger Park amongst other, plus some high-quality grasslands and important woodlands. Most of the open space in the park is mown amenity grassland, but the hedgerows, ditches and golf course roughs all retain wildlife interest.

Some of the key notable species within the whole of the Brent River Park are water voles, king fisher, native black poplar, orchids and adder’s tongue fern.

Local contacts

Pitshanger Community Association (PCS)
A community group who aim to improve Pitshanger Park and its surroundings. It runs two major community events each year including ‘Party in the Park’, with a variety of entertainment from bands to a dog show! It aims to bring the local community together and to raise funds for PCA community projects and local charities.