Park opening and closing times

A minority of Ealing’s parks are closed to the public overnight. Our contractors visit to lock the gates in the evening and return to reopen them in the morning. The locking times change over the course of a year to reflect the changing times of dawn and dusk.

Opening times: From 7.30am

Closing times Vary throughout the year:

  • January and February - 5.30pm
  • March - 7pm
  • April - 8pm
  • May - 9pm
  • June July - 10pm
  • August - 9pm
  • September - 8pm
  • October  - 7pm
  • November and December - 5.30pm

The official locking and unlocking times are usually shown on a sign near the parks entrances. However, the contractor locking the parks visits them in a sequence and therefore the actual locking time may be later by up to 90 minutes. 

Never enter a park after the park’s closing time – even if the gates are still open. Although the locking contractor will attempt to ensure nobody is left in the park there is a risk that you may be accidentally locked in! If you do get locked in a park then ring the council's out of hours number.