School meals

The majority of primary and specials schools use Harrison Catering Services Ltd for their catered meals, a contract which is managed by Ealing's education contract services. View a list of schools that use Harrison Catering.

Harrison Catering Services menu runs on a three-week cycle (copies of the menu are available from your child's school). Each menu is agreed by Ealing education contract services, after a nutritional analysis. The menus meet with the National Standards for Primary School set by the Department of Education and Skills (now Department for Education). A copy of these standards can be found at the Children's Food Trust website.

When designing the menu we aim to strike a balance between healthy foods and giving the children food that they like. We have increased the number of 'traditional dishes' and fresh food, which has enabled us to remove a large number of breaded, processed meat products.

Schools who prefer not to use Harrison Catering Services make their own arrangements and use contract caterers or provide the service themselves. Please contact the individual schools for further information on the service they provide.