Schools investment

We want every child in Ealing to have a place at a good school.  Ealing has been experiencing a rising pupil population since 2008 and our schools expansion programme is continuing to help to meet additional demand. This includes expanding existing schools, creating new schools and creating more places for pupils with special educational needs. By 2017 we will have provided over 7,000 additional primary school places in Ealing since 2008.

The provision and planning of school places is explained along with birth data and borough projections in the following document:
Full cabinet report: update on school expansion programme and site acquisitions - October 2016

Expanding existing schools

Since 2008 we have been permanently expanding schools. Visit our past consultations to see which consultations have run in the past.

Creating new schools

Several new schools have already been created in the borough and we are working with the Education Skills and Funding Agency to provide much needed free schools in the borough.

Special educational needs (SEN) provision

Ealing is experiencing an increase in the severity and complexity of needs. We have expanded special schools and created additionally resourced provisions (ARPs) across a number of mainstream primary and high schools. We predict a further shortfall in SEN provisions within the next ten years and we are now exploring solutions how to provide additional places from 2018. We are continuing to investigate all available funding opportunities to improve and expand our schools.