Like many other London boroughs, Ealing has a severe shortage of homes. This means that only a small number of people are likely to be housed by the council. The following schemes are provided as alternative rehousing options:

Schemes to help you buy your own home:

Affordable homes in Ealing

There are a number of different affordable ways to buy or rent a new home of your own. One of the options could be just right for you.

Homes are available on a part-buy, part-rent basis with options to increase the share of the property you own. Homes for rent are also available at approximately 20% lower rent than comparable private sector rented properties in the area.

Housing Options is a service that can help you find a home that's suitable for your budget, household size and location preference.  There are many attractive developments in Ealing that include affordable homes and a range of different sized flats and houses.

To find out more about the options and receive regular information about homes in areas that you want to live please visit Sharetobuy.

Moving out of London

With local accommodation in Ealing and across London becoming more expensive, we advise all applicants to look further afield to try and find a home.

If you are eligible, you may be able to register at Homefinder.