Housing allocations policy is changing

From 4 September 2023, Ealing Council will start using its revised Housing Allocations Policy, which was last reviewed in 2013. If you are an existing council tenant who has a current application to transfer to more suitable accommodation or are a homeseeker in the borough looking to be housed by the council, these changes could affect you.

The policy sets out who is eligible to be considered for social housing within Ealing, how their housing needs will be assessed, and what relative priority their application will be given. It also determines how Ealing’s housing register or waiting list will work and how social housing in the borough will be allocated and let.

Due to the shortage of available social housing in the borough; and the growing number of applications on the waiting list, we have had to review how we prioritise applications to ensure that current and future affordable housing is allocated to those in the greatest housing need and those that have little or no prospect of being rehoused by the council are aware so they can consider alternative housing options.

The main changes

Band D

There are currently 6,000 live applications assessed as being in Band D category (the lowest priority banding).  As those that fall into this category have no current prospect of being re-housed, these applications will be removed. The affected applicants will however be invited to complete a new application in case there has been any change in circumstances which might improve their banding. Those assessed as having no housing needs will not be allowed to join the register.

New housing applications 

From 4 September 2023 the new Ealing housing application form will be made available via: www.locata.org.uk and all remaining housing applications will be reviewed after this date. In preparation for this change, you will not be able to submit a new housing application between 21 August and the implementation date of 4 September 2023.

Bands A to C

The following apply to Bands A, B and C:

  • for all those applicants currently in Bands A, B or C, a renewal process will be introduced to complete a change of circumstances form so their banding can be re-assessed, and this will be followed by an annual re-registration
  • you must now be over 18 for your housing application to be considered
  • all supporting documentation will need to be provided within 48 hours of the application being submitted
  • those households with low incomes where at least one member is employed can be considered for Band C priority - household income limits will be applied which ranges from £35,000 per annum if you are a one bedroom need to £60,000 if you are a three-bedroom need
  • applicants and members of a household on one application will not be considered if part of another application
  • applicants approved by Ealing Council to become a foster carer or adopt a child under the care of Ealing Council can be assessed and considered for a new priority
  • applicants who are current or recently retired members of the armed forces can be assessed for a new priority
  • any elderly person aged 60 and over currently adequately housed, can be awarded sheltered housing priority if approved by the sheltered housing panel, and would only be eligible for this type of housing
  • homeseekers who have been on the register and are owed a full homeless duty by Ealing Council within the meaning of part VII of the Housing Act 1996 for more than five years will be placed in the Band B priority category
  • current Band B homeless applications will be re-assessed, and if they do not meet the above requirement, will be given Band C priority

All bids and offers will continue to be through the Locata website. Please visit the Ealing Locata website for more details on the forthcoming changes to the allocations scheme.