Housing advice for people living with a mental illness or impairment

It is a good idea to speak to anyone who is currently supporting you about any housing problems you have. This might include a social worker, a support worker, a worker at a charity or advice agency, or a mental health professional. This person might be able to work with you to help resolve a problem or support you in making an application to housing solutions.

When you apply to housing solutions, we will look at all your circumstances, so we can make a realistic plan with you to prevent or resolve your homelessness.

We will often ask for your consent to get in touch with other professionals, who know about your situation and health. This will help us to work with you for the best outcome.

Specialist accommodation is in quite short supply, but we can also consider helping you to find (or keep) accommodation, which would be suitable for you if you received support.

For people whose needs are very high, we will work with colleagues in adult social care, to look for the best way to help.