Tell us about a change of address - council tax

Let us know straight away if you are moving home so you pay the right amount of council tax. There is a legal requirement to notify us within 21 days.

If you are moving to Ealing

Tell us straight away so you will have more time to pay your bill. You can notify us about your move to Ealing using MyAccount. You can also tell us by completing the online form below.

We charge you from the date you move in to your new home. Inform your old council when you are moving so they get your charge right.

Tell us that you are moving to Ealing

If you are moving within Ealing

Tell us about your move within Ealing using MyAccount

When you have notified us we will send you a revised bill showing anything you still owe for your old address and and a bill showing the instalments due for your new address. If you have overpaid for your old address, we will usually use the credit to reduce what you owe at your new address.

If you are moving out of Ealing

We charge you up to the date you move out. You can tell us about a move using MyAccount.

Inform your new council when you have moved so they can bill you at your new address.