Standards for letting

Repairs to empty properties 

Ealing Council aims to ensure that all empty properties (known as void properties) are returned to a safe and fully lettable condition as soon as possible. A detailed 'lettable standard' has been agreed with residents and a copy of this minimised version of the lettable standard will be supplied to all applicants when they are invited to view a property.

Service standards

Ealing Council will ensure that all empty properties meet the agreed void standard. In summary, properties should be:

  • structurally sound, wind and weather proof
  • free of all rubbish, furniture and personal belongings (the outgoing tenants are expected to clear such items and the cost of their removal should be re-charged to them)
  • free from damp or infestation which could be prejudicial to health or cause potential damage to the structure
  • in a reasonably clean condition

Where decoration is required Ealing Council will normally offer a decoration allowance. We will carry out decorations only where properties are in very poor decorative condition.

All sanitary ware will be clean and in good working order.

Kitchens will be clean and free of grease - worktops and other surfaces will be hygienic.

Electric and gas installations must be safe and have been tested as part of the void works. Copies of both the gas and electric safety certificates are to be given to incoming tenants as part of the signing of the new tenancy agreement.

The present target is that all void works will be completed in 10 working days.